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The other day at my local art store, I discovered that they now offered art books in English, & when I was excitedly perusing through their books, I was drawn to Jean Haine’s book called “Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour”. When I opened it, I yelled (in my head)”Eureka”! This is how I want to paint!

Since I started painting a year ago, I have been looking for a style of painting, and a teacher, that would allow me to express myself, in a loose abstract way. (Sorry I never took formal art courses so I don’t really know the terms…) Until now, every time I tried to let go, I was filled with panic & frustration during the painting process and hated what I did right after! But something in her book, the way she writes about flowers, the painting process & the environment we need to achieve this, unlocked something in me and allowed me to finally letting go. Now every painting I do is done in peace and pleasure… and I actually like the finished product too!

Sunflowers a la jean haines

Sunflowers à la Jean Haines – my first exercise from her book

One thing I do now, that is suggested in her book, is to practise all the little steps that lead up to the final painting & to actually do a rough painting of my final subject too. Some of you might say “Duh.. that’s obvious” but obviously not to me as I’m also the type of person that hates creating the same thing more than once. But now, before each painting, I practise for about 30 minutes, to understand how my paint will react to the movement & composition I’m trying out, and that really helps me. Another thing I’m doing is painting on good watercolour paper! I have a few blocks I bought or was given but I never felt good enough to use them. But I guess I’ll never be good enough until I believe I am, so using good watercolour paper is a start to that affirmation!

Flowers in a Vase a la jean haines

Flowers in a Vase à la Jean Haines

For the moment I’m just doing the exercises in her book and largely “copying” her works. However, by the end of the book, I hope to find my own unique style that will differentiate mine from hers. In the meantime, I am so enjoying the whole learning process, and I look forward to receiving her other books & her online courses, which I requested for my birthday…tomorrow!

Rose a la jean haines

Roses à la Jean Haines. Indanthrone Blue Lukas watercolours, DaVinci Mastro, Arches 100% cotton cold pressed

Thanks so much for dropping by and I do appreciate you taking the time to leave me such nice comments. Have a great creative weekend!

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After a month of not painting (because I’m heavily in to my new passion, card making…) I decided to start again because a friend wanted to see how I did my smearing paintings! Wow! I was so touched that someone would want to learn from me so how could I say no right?! We spent a lovely evening, (mainly eating and drinking because the “painting” only took 15 minutes to do!) and this was the result.


She saw a horse running, all I saw was the Alien from the movie! Luckily she was happy to take the painting! Lol!

Another friend wanted a painting with the similar colours but less red in it. So I had the idea to reuse all the finished work I had lying around which I didn’t like, by painting them over with a dark brown and redo them again.

This one I added a border and stencilled in some text. First time for me and I quite like the result! It represents the sunrise on a new day which is why I added that text. This is probably the only painting I’ve done with this technique, knowing the image that I wanted to achieve before I started and i’m happy how it came out too!


I entered this into the Simon Monday Challenge although I don’t know if they accept anything painted. If not, next time I’ll just use the acrylic skins from the left over paints to create a card because I really want to combine my painting and card making passions!


This is what I call a “left over paint” technique! I poured a little red onto the plastic which still had some paint that I used for the painting above, put my canvas on it and smeared and pulled it off! Child’s play! I call this “Explosion” because all my anger and frustration was transferred into this painting and I went to bed a happy lady!